Party - Monday Class Make-up Days – WCC Contest – Promotion, and Error in WCC Spring Booklet

Post date: Apr 24, 2013 7:56:17 PM

Party - Monday Class Make-up Days – Contest – Promotion, and Error in WCC Spring Booklet

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If you are planning to attend Sensei’ Birthday party this Sunday (4/28) at 3pm and you have not RSVP’ed with Clyde – Please do so soon.

Monday Class Make-up Days

We will be making up the Monday classes missed in the Spring Term on:

May 6th (Monday, 8pm) and May 8th (Wednesday, 8pm after the WCC Judo Contest)

WCC Contest

The WCC Watanabe Judo Contest will be held Wednesday, May 8th. The flyer and signup sheet is available in class and we will post an entry on our website soon.

Hudson Judo Yudanshakai Rank Promotional Tournament

The Rank promotanal tournament will be held on Saturday, May 4th, 2013 at the HCST Athletic Facility (Tech Judo) in North Bergen, New Jersey. This is a promotional contest for Sankyu or higher ranking belts. Flyers and applications are available at class.

Error in WCC Spring Booklet

The WCC Graduation ceremonies use the mat room and summer session will begin one week later than published in the summer booklet. This is just a heads-up. We will clarify the starting dates and course numbers in a follow-up email. This should not stop you from registering early.

Thank is all for now. Hope to see everyone at class.