Noah Zaslow & Fellow Camp Counselors' Day Off

Post date: Jul 19, 2016 9:32:01 PM

During last Wednesday and Thursday (7/14), Larry Zaslow's son Noah, a counselor at Camp Canadensis in Pennsylvania came home for his day off...along with 7 other counselors with the same day off!

They arrived Wednesday night around 10 pm, and stayed up until 2 am. Noah's mother put out a huge spread of snack food for everyone to enjoy Wednesday night. The counselors, young men and women from the US, Australia and New Zealand, slept in sleeping bags on the floor. Noah's mom Karen woke up early and made breakfast for everyone, and then Larry and Karen drove everyone down to New York City and rented the counselors bikes for a ride all over Central Park. Once everyone was back at the Zaslow house, Karen cooked up a big BBQ for everyone, and Noah's grandparents, aunt and uncle all came over to eat and visit with Noah and his friends. In all, Noah was home for about 24 hours. Larry and Karen said "we made sure to be extra nice to all of Noah's friends so they'd want to come back for another visit with Noah! That's the method to our madness."