Vieux - 2012 – 22 July – Party Invitation

Post date: Jun 24, 2012 10:54:47 PM

The Harmer family I would like to invite you and your family/significant other to our annual Pool Party.

Date: Sunday the 22nd

Time: 2pm to ?

Location: 1325 Echo Hill Path, Yorktown Heights, NY

RSVP by July 13, please

This is a very casual open party with diverse guests; car people, stamp people, people who have worked for us, family members we know and relatives we do not know so well. Kids are welcome as are well-mannered canines. Judo and Aikido are always welcome!

Guests tend to meander around. Some swim, play basketball, volleyball or hike. Others sit in the AC and play pallor or arcade games. The food is buffet with hot dogs, hamburgers and other items from the grill. If you have a dietary restriction, please let me know and we will accommodate.

There is absolutely no obligation for you to attend, but if you would like to come over for some free food and drink, you are more than welcome.