Schedule and Registration

Our dojo is comprised of three distinct groups of classes, each has its own schedule and registration information.

 Judo and Aikido Classes - Non Credit

These courses are for both adults and children (judo only) that are not currently enrolled in Westchester Community College as full or part-time  students. These classes are held with the following schedule (the last column is the section #):
 Adult Judo: 
CE-SPORT 2004           
Mondays 8-10pm
Wednesdays 8-10pm
Sundays 10am - 12pm
Section A
Section B
Section C
CE-SPORT 2000                                 
Tuesdays 8-10pm
Thursdays 5-7 pm
Section A
Section B
 Kids Judo:
CE-Sport 2005    
Sundays 12-2pm
Saturdays 12-2pm
Section A
Section B

If you register for multiple sections, discounts apply.

To view pricing in the WCC Course catalog (there is also a mail-in registration form on the last page) - click here
To register online, click here.

You can also fill out and mail the continuing education sheet for each semester which can be downloaded at the bottom of the page. 

For-Credit Classes at WCC:

There is also a for-credit Judo class for students at WCC. The For-Credit class runs on Wednesday Evenings from 6-7:50pm. The course number is PEH 121 - Beginning Judo

For-Credit Classes at Pace University

Sensei Watanabe Teaches two Judo Classes at the Pleasantville Campus:

Martial Arts Club

The WCC Martial Arts Club is open to all WCC students, and runs during the club common hour - 11am - 1pm on Wednesdays.
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